Western women will change the world!
— Dalai Lama 2009, Vancouver Peace Summit

Welcoming girls as early as the 1st grade and following them through to high school graduation. Physical actives of yoga coupled with inspiring emotional intelligence will help motivate each students mind, body, and spirit. This however, is just the beginning. R2C is about creating a collective of women supporting women, through joy, connection, mentorship and entrepreneurialism. 

After school programs are not only necessary for most working parents, but also Thoroughly enjoyed by students. We will create a fun atmosphere for young girls to not only understand the physical needs of their body, but also receive crucial emotional and mentally focused training in a fun engaging way that will benefit them in every aspect of their lives.


Elementary School

1st to 5th grade

Introducing young girls to the program while encouraging fun and healthy lifestyle through engaged activities. More Info...

Middle School

6th to 8th grade

Socializing and forming healthy connections with friends and family creating the foundation for growth as mature young individuals while also exposing them to mentorship opportunities and STEM curriculum. More Info...

High School

8th to 12th

Grooming for certification and business acceleration through concepts learned from lower level programs. More Info...

College ?!?

Graduates of the Girl Power Certification track have the ability to bring this mentorship program to other school districts while in post secondary-school! More Info...

YOGA TEACHERS - Request more info now and you will be sent information on program expansion requirements in your area. Also review the Certification portion of this website.